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Chemical constituents of Glycosmis spesies and their biological activity

Detailed investigation of six Glycosmis species have led to identification of many classes of compounds. Isolation and structural elucidation works on Glycosmis calcicola, G rupestris, G crassifolia, G chlorosperma, G elongate and G cochinensis have led to the identification of different classes of compounds including alkaloids, coumarins, flavones, sulphones, triterpenes etc. Some extracts and pure compounds of Glycosmis species were found to be strongly active when tested against various bioassay systems. The biological activity of Glycosmis calcicola extract was monitored by TLC plates and spraying the plates with spore suspension of indicator fungus prepared from Aspergillus jlavus. The major contributors to this activity were due to the presence of flindersine and desmethoxyzanthophiline. A sulphone, methylgerambullin, isolated from the same plant exhibited only mild antifungal activity but gave excellent results when tested on a series of cancer cell lines. The IC50 values obtained were 0.25, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.7 µg/ml against CEM-SS, KU812F, HT29 and UACe cell lines, respectively. Time-course study revealed that the compound killed cells directly by causing cell necrosis but do not exhibit cell proliferation of the unaffected cells. The CHCb extracts of both G chlorosperma and G cochchichinensis also exhibited strong activity against T-lymphoblastic cell line (CEMSS) with IC50 values of 1.5 and 0.75 Ilglrnl due to the presence of other sulphones.

Pustakawan Ahmad (9/10/13)


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Prosiding Simposium Nasional Kimia Bahan Alam XIV dengan tema "Kimia Bahan Alam untuk Indonesia" di Bandung 16-17 Desember 2004. SimNasKBA-2004
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Penerbit Himpunan Kimia Bahan Alam Indonesia : Bandung..,
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