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Heterologous expression of recombinant plantaricin WS34 in Escherichia coli

Plantaricin W is a two peptide lantibiotic produced by Lactobacillus plantarum S34 isolated from bekasam, a traditional fermented food of meat products from Waykanan, Lampung. Plantaricin W is a potential antimicrobial peptide. However, the expression of recombinant plantaricin W has not been reported. To express a recombinant plantaricin WS34, we constructed and expressed the gene encoding plantaricin W in pET-32a by using the T7 RNA polymerase promoter with approximately 33 kDa in size in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3)(pLysS). The result revealed that the plantaricin WS34 peptide was expressed as a translational fusion protein with thioredoxin and His-tag. When expressed in E. coli, recombinant plantaricin W was found to be accumulated in the cell cytoplasm but forming an inclusion body. In this study, two solubilization strategies were done and showed that inclusion bodies were solubilized at alkaline condition in the presence of urea solution under mild condition and the expression of plantaricin WS34 has been confirmed with Western blot. The expression of Plantaricin WS34-pET32a was succesfully expressed in E. coli.


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