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Estimation of genetic parameters and gene actions of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] tolerance to low P condition

A study of sorghum tolerance to low P condition was conducted in two experiments : (1) in nutrient solution and (2) in acid soil. The aim of this study was to obtain information on the genetic variability and heritability of agronomic characters that could be used as selection criteria in low P condition and to obtain information on gene action that controlled agronomic characters of sorghum. The plant materials used in this experiment were F2 segregating population derived from the cross between B69 and Numbu. The first experiment was conducted in the green house of Bogor Agricultural University. B69, Numbu and F2 population were grown hidroponically for 14 days. Composition of the nutrient solution used in the experiment followed the method suggested by Ohki with modification of P concentration. P is given in the form of KH2PO4: 0.001 mM. The results showed that shoot dry weight (SDW) and total dry weight (TDW) had high estimate of heritability and moderate genotypic coefficient of variance (GCV), thus these characters can be used for criteria selection for low P tolerance at seedling stage. The significant value of skweness from the distribution shoot dry weight in F2 segregants, indicate the presence of complementary epistasis gene action, whereas normal distribution of total dry weight showed additive gene action. The second experiment was conducted in acid soils of Bogor District Experimental Field Tenjo, Bogor. The results showed that stem diameter, panicle weight and grain yield per plant had high heritability and wide GCV value, indicating these characters can be used as the selection criteria in selecting sorghum genotypes for low P tolerance in acid soil. Based on the skewness values, all of the agronomy characters observed in this study were influenced by additive gene action.


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International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research 7 (3) : 38-46, 2015
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Penerbit : .,
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ISSN: 2223-7054 (Pri
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