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Low cost and comprehensive pork detection in processed food products with a different food matrix

Image of Low cost and comprehensive pork detection in processed food products with a different food matrix
The adulteration of processed beef-based meat products with pork is a sensitive issue in Indonesia. Therefore a simple, low cost, and accurate method is required for the detection of pork, so as to protect consumers from accidental consumption of adulterated meat. In this study, we developed a detection method for the low cost identification of pork in processed meat products. We used the cost-efficient Taq DNA polymerase, DreamTaq Green PCR master mix (2x), and duplex PCR method to recognize pork simultaneously with 18S rRNA detection. A positive control containing a pork gene inserted into pGEM®-T easy was prepared, along with a negative control. The results of the duplex PCR were used to assess its specificity, detection limit, and its ability to recognize pork in processed meat products with a different food matrix. 18S rRNA detection was for confirming DNA integrity of DNA extracted from the processed food, while the positive control confirmed that the reagents were working well and the negative control confirmed a non-contamination problem. Following this, the duplex PCR was opধmized and the optimum concentration primer for duplex PCR detection was found to be 3 µM for pork and 0.2 µM for 18S rRNA. As liħle as 3.125 ng of the DNA template could be used to detect whether a sample contained pork. Of the nine commercial processed meat products tested, five were found to contain pork while four halal products showed no signs of pork. It can be concluded that duplex PCR is a simple, fast, sensitive, specific, and low cost method of detecting pork in processed meat products.

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Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology

No. Panggil



Universitas Gadjah Mada : Yogyakarta.,

Deskripsi Fisik

Vol. 23 (1): 21-27.







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