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“ Innovative Bio-Production Indonesia (iBioI): Integrated Bio-Refinery Strategy to Promote Biomass Utilization using Super-microbes for Fuels and Chemicals Production”
The availability of biomass and microbial sources as unlimited resource will be support the integrated Biorefinery technology which is will be an issued to produce various product types from local Bioresource, and this product would be worthmore competitive in the future. Research Center of Biotechnology LIPI became a pioneer in the development of this Biorefinery program through the research activities supported by LIPI, the relevant departments, and collaboration project with foreign countries.
One of the activities of integrated biorefinery that being implemented is international collaboration between LIPI and Kobe university Japan for developing the center of integrated biorefinery in Indonesia with the target is the production of bioethanol and bioplastics from locally cellulose biomasses with super-microbes. This Project is supported by JST-JICA SATREPS Program start from 2013 untill 2018. The concept of bio-refinery in this collaboration project is consisted from five key technologies as follows: [1] lignocellulose biomass pretreatment, [2] Production and evalution of lignocellulose dergading enzymas, [3] microbe breeding for fermentation process & develop effecient separation technology, [4] chemical synthesis of bio-based polimer, and [5] Feasibility study the whole process of the integrated biorefinery.
We integrate these technologies for constructing of biorefinery strategy from biomass renewable resources in Indonesia. Especially, we focus on the efficient utilization of several abundant waste fraction of agricultural feedstock such like a trunk, empty fruit punch (EFB) in palm plantation, baggase of sugarcane industry ect. During 5 years of this project, we must be combined these technologies and evaluated the feasibility of integrated biorefinery process.
Objectives of the Project (FY2013-2017)
1. Integration of five key technologies: From biomass to final chemicals and fuels, we integrate five
technologies and evaluate this overall process in the aspect of economy and ecology.
2. Surveying of biomass potential in Indonesia: As we mentioned above, we will finally construct the
biomass refinery concept from biomass in Indonesia. Therefore, we survey the quantity of biomass in
Indonesia. In addition, the maximal possibility of biomass plantation in Indonesia depend on the land
improvement also estimate.
3. Making an alliance and global partnership of researcher between Indonesia and Japan. (Dientri tgl 11-4-2019)
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