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Production of penicillin acylase by a local strain Bacillus megaterium BAC4.

Tanggal ketik: 19941121, xx. rnDokumentalis: xx. rnSari: Ten among 160 bacterial isolates from different part of Indonesia were positively penicillin acylase producers, screened according to the microbiological method developed by Meevootisom et al. (1). One among the ten showed highest productivity of penicillin acylase, known as strain BAC4. The bacteria was rod in shape, Gram positive, spore former, cultural and physiological characteristic identified, resembled to Bacillus megaterium. Highest cell growth and extracellular penicillin acylase production of 2.824 unit (micromole 6-APA/ml/hr) were obtained at optimum pH 7 and 41 Celcius degrees, in nutrient broth medium containing phenylacetic acid as inducer. Small amount of Beta-lactamase and intrecellular penicillin acylase were also produced by the strain, in addition to extracellular penicillin acylase. Mutagenesis using UV irradiation had improved the penicillin acylase production up to 56.6 percent.


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Microbial Utilization of Renewable Resources, 8, 1992 : p.593-601.
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579.6/Mic/m8 Buku^cBiot.
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579.6/Mic/m8 Buku.
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