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Elektroforesis isoenzim untuk identifikasi beberapa galur mutan kacang tanah Arachis hypogeae L.

Tanggal ketik: 19951118, xx. rnDokumentalis: xx. rnSari: Genetics study on several mutant lines of peanut has been carried out based on isoenzymes changes of esterase, peroxidase, acid phosphatase, alcohol dehydrogenase and malic enzymes. The aim of this study was to get a genetic information of several peanut mutant lines by gamma irradiation on peanut Kidang variety and its three mutant lines: K20, K25, and K30, also on peanut Pelanduk variety and three mutant lines: P20, P25, and P30. The enzyme extracts were taken from peanut cotyledones, leave, flowers and raw seeds, then fractionated using poly-acrylamide-disc gel electrophoresis technique. From staining of peroxidase of peanut cotyledone, leave and flower, also acid phosphatase of peanut cotyledone were obtained the isoenzyme pattern which showed the existence of genetic difference between mutant lines with the control. From the other zymogrames such as esterase, acid phosphatase, alcohol dehydrogenase, and malic enzymes did not show the existence of genetic difference among peanut plants, but there were the changes in migration polypeptide chains of the proteins. The result of this study showed that due to mutation each of peanut mutant lines is consisted of the different gen. Although it is difficult to differentiate among the mutant lines each other morphologically, but it is different genetically.


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Risalah Pertemuan Ilmiah Aplikasi Isotop dan Radiasi, Jakarta: BATAN, 1995 : p.65-73.
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061.3:621.038.9/Per/r Buku^cBiot.
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061.3:621.038.9/Per/r Buku.
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