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LDL lowering and HDL enhancing activities of beta-(1,3)-Glucan from Agrobacterium sp and Saccharomyces sp

Low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL) are among others, the two most important key indicators for hyperlipidaemia and closely correlated with the early sign of coronary heart disease. In this experiment, β-(1,3)-glucan (curdlan) extracted from newly isolated Agrobacterium sp. and Saccharomyces sp. was preliminary observed for their anti-cholesterol activities and compared with those of reference strains. β-(1,3)-glucan (0.2 mg dry weight) was assayed in 2 month old male with rat (Sprague Dawley). The rats were fed with high cholesterol diet for 2 weeks and continued with the β-glucan treatments. Venous blood samples were collected from freshly made small incision on tail tip once in every 1 week and further separated by centrifugation to obtain clear serum for analysis. Total cholesterol was determined by CHOD-PAP method whilst triglyceride was determined spectrophotometrically by GPO-PAP method. The results showed that β-glucan extract from Agrobacterium Sc 2-1-2 could lower the LDL content followed by an increased HDL value 14 days after oral administration. (29-12-2011, sef)


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Biotechnology for Sustainable Utilization of Biological Resources in the Tropics Vol. 17
No. Panggil
57.08:061.3 BIO Vol. 17
Penerbit International Center for Biotechnology. : Osaka, Japan..,
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p. 499-504
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