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Palm Kernel cake biomass fermentation using stirrer fermentor for Mannanase and Saccharides production

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Indigenous biomasses such as palm kernel cake contains of high heteromannan and useful to produce mono-saccharides and oligo-saccharides which have potential roles as a component in functional food. Fermentation process which is utilized palm kernel cake as a substrate has done by using stirrer fermentor scale 2 L. Degradation of palm kernel cake by Saccharopolyspora flava were showed that mono-saccharides and oligo-saccharides have been produced during fermentation process. But the yield production of saccharides are still low due to the complex structure of the polysaccharides in palm kernel. There are no significant changing from both temperature and pH during the fermentation process. The palm kernel cake fermentation was done in condition 2.5% substrate with 200 rpm in agitation for 4 days . Fermentation product for the first 24 hours are monosaccharide and for the next 28 hours was produced oligosaccharides. The optimum oligasiccaharide production was occurred at 44 hours fermentation, afterwards the oligosaccharide were degraded consecutively. Final fermentation product are combination between monosaccharide and oligosaccharide. (sef, 7-5-2013)
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Proceedings ASEAN-Korea Symposium and Workshop on Biorefinery Technology for Sustainable Production of Biofuel and Industrial Biochemicals (an International Forum) : Converging Biorefinery to Response

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: Cibinong.,

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061.3 : 66

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